Fundraise for the Walk

Participants have raised over $33 million to fund ovarian cancer research, educational and support programming for those affected and at high risk, and advocacy efforts across the country. You can help further this important work by fundraising.

To fundraise, start by choosing a Walk location to register. Can’t find an in-person Walk location near you? Choose the ‘Virtual’ option and join us from wherever you are. Then, register as an individual, start a team, or join one!

Register & fundraise now

Set up your fundraising page with a goal and invite your friends and family to join you. The funds you raise can be gathered online or sent in by mail.

Start fundraising

Fundraise on social media

After you have registered and set up your fundraising page, get creative with how you ask your friends, family, and followers to support you. Social media is a great tool to educate your followers about this cause and how they can support your Walk.

Save and post the template below or create your own. Share it with a link to your personal fundraising page using the hashtag #WalkofHope. Tag Ovarian Cancer Canada on Facebook, Instagram, or X to join the conversation.




Use this caption or write your own!

Everyone born with ovaries is at risk for ovarian cancer. It is the most fatal women’s cancer, and the reality is that every 5 hours, we lose someone we love to ovarian cancer in Canada. We have the power to deliver change and transform lives and that’s why I am participating in the 2024 OCC #WalkofHope on Sunday, September 8.
This cause is close to my heart, and I greatly appreciate any support you can show for my Walk by donating here: [Insert Fundraising Page Link]

Connect with us

Facebook: OvarianCancerCanada
Instagram: @ovariancancercanada
Twitter: @OvarianCanada

Fundraising 101

Every step and every dollar help to pick up the pace in ovarian cancer research. Are you ready to make real change when it comes to this disease? Kick-start your fundraising by following these steps:

Step 1: Register
First thing’s first, visit the registration page to sign up as an individual, join a team or start a team of your own. Choose your local Walk or, if there is no location near you, join us as a virtual participant or consider starting your own!

Step 2: Personalize your fundraising page
Your personal fundraising page tells others who you’re walking for, whether it’s yourself, someone you love, all those affected, or generations to come. Inspire support by sharing your story.

Step 3: Set your sights on a fundraising goal
An ambitious fundraising goal shows people your level of commitment to this important cause. Potential donors want to see you succeed and setting your sights high will motivate them even more.

Step 4: Be your first donor
Set the stage for giving and make a donation to your own work. This highlights your dedication and inspires others to follow suit.

Step 5: Reach out
Make a list of potential donors to connect with. Share why you walk with them through emails, face-to-face conversations and social media. A variety of fundraising materials are available to assist with your outreach in your Participant Centre.

Step 6: Give thanks
Thank donors personally and update them with your progress! Donors love to see their impact and know they are contributing to a greater goal.

Are you using Facebook fundraising to reach your goal? Read these simple tips below to allow us to track your progress!

Please ensure that you have selected Ovarian Cancer Canada as the charity of choice, and contact the Walk team at with your Facebook name associated with the fundraiser, and a link to the active page. Once we confirm your information, these funds will be added as an offline gift and reflected in your total.

Employer matching

Take your fundraising even further and highlight your involvement in the community. Many corporations and employers offer matching programs, matching the donations you raise for the Walk. Ask your HR department what’s available.

Have you considered starting a corporate Walk team with your colleagues to represent your workplace? Get everyone involved. Learn more about corporate teams here.