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2024 Walk - Winnipeg, MB

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Laps for Lorianne

My mom, Lorianne, was the best person I have known. She was kind and intelligent, and made people better by just being around her. Her impact continues to be felt in the lives she touched as an educator, mom, sister, and friend.

In January of 2021, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite this being some of the most terrifying news that someone could receive, she approached this with grace and strength. With the help of dedicated doctors and nurses, family, and friends, she fought the disease for over a year until she passed away in March 2022.

Before her diagnosis, there was a period in which my mom had experienced symptoms of the disease but we were unsure of what it could be linked to. This is where Ovarian Cancer Canada comes in. Education about symptoms and research saves lives and helps others that have been impacted by ovarian cancer.

I've started Laps for Lorianne to walk in her footsteps and help others. Approximately 3,100 people will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. By participating and fundraising in the Walk of Hope, we are funding research to fight ovarian cancer, provide educational resources to ensure early detection, and support for those that have been impacted by this disease.

Please donate to my Walk or sign up to join me so that we can make a difference and improve outcomes for those affected by the disease. 

Thank you for your support now and when my mom was fighting cancer. It means the world to me, and everyone affected by this disease. 

Talk soon,


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