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2024 Walk - Durham Region, ON

Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Carol Fletcher Team

Another year has come and gone and thankfully I am still No Evidence of Disease. I continue to have monthly checkups and semi annual Ct Scans and I am on the drug Olaparib until the end of the year. This drug is specifically designed to target the BRCA 1 mutation I have in my tumour. I am one of the fortunate ovarian cancer survivors who have a targeted therapy available to them. Many do not and must rely on protocols that have not changed in many years. Still the success rate for my sub group is 50% are alive in 5 years. 

We need to come up with better ways to detect and screen for ovarian cancer. Most woman are detected in late stage because the symptoms are vague and often overlooked by women and the medical profession. Those that have a relative who has had ovarian cancer are screened more. Still for the 1 in 80 who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, most are diagnosed at a later stage of the disease. 

What is odd to me, and to everyone whom I’ve spoken with about ovarian cancer, is that there is very little information available to women on ovarian cancer. In my annual physicals, not once do I recall a talk on this. Had I known the risks and symptoms I would have been more proactive. We need to heighten awareness of this disease. In this way, anyone with ovaries can make an informed decision on their health. 

We’re making ovarian cancer a priority ! Will you walk with me to support all women, past and future, to help educate and advocate for this cause.


WALK OF HOPE September 8 2024

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