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Thank you for your support!
Thank you for your support!

Pakah's Pals

Sharon was the glue to our family. At times, she effortlessly executed many roles. Mom, sister, aunt, wife and friend. To me, mom, friend and at times co-parent. I knew early on that Sharon was going to leave a mark on my life. Family was very important, and I had no idea just how deep a bond could go until Devin, and I had our children. Sharon was heavily involved in her grandchildren's lives. Not out of obligation, but out of love. She genuinely wanted to spend time with them. Guiding them, shaping them, and connecting with them. I wholeheartedly know that our kids are loving human beings because she helped raise them. Baking, crafting, experiments, camping and endless trips to the park were always initiated by Sharon. Endless energy for her grandbabies was her love language.


As many of you know, Sharon was lovingly referred to as Pakah. The name, given to her by Jase when he was developing language skills as an infant. He couldn’t quite pronounce GRANDMA, so Pakah it was. The legacy of Pakah has been carried down with each precious grandchild, a name she was proud to have. Some of our little ones are too young to properly comprehend what has happened to our family. That is both a blessing and a curse. Too young to understand that we had our last family trip. Her last birthday, her last Mother's Day. Last Christmas. Those lasts came and went without our knowledge. We have a lot to live without, and it has had an irreversible impact on our lives. Ander, Elias and Rhett may be too young to be consumed by this unbearable grief, their time with her was cut so short. She was grief stricken when she learned she wouldn’t be able to watch her grandkids grow. That was a cruel realization for someone who had such a deep impact on such little lives.

 The heavy sadness that embraces us today stems from an unwavering love to one person.

One soul that has been profoundly impacted by her passing has been Jase. For 10 years those two were thick as thieves. Sharon was in the room during labor with Jase and was one of the first people to hold him. That connection was like no other. Beyond buddies. Beyond Pals, there were soulmates. His favorite person. She helped raise Jase. She could settle him with her presence and was always the first person he wanted to call to share his achievements or woes.

The moment they met was luckily forever documented by a photo. Their eye contact was profound. How does an hours old newborn gaze at someone like that? He knew she was someone special. The moment they fell for each other. We will cherish that photo forever.

When we found out in early August that Sharon was gravely ill, we felt like the rug had been pulled out from under us. Shock. Anger. Despair. Not her. Not Sharon. Not Pakah. Not the one we can’t recover from losing. Time has been an absolute thief, looming around our heads as we did our best trying to convince ourselves we wouldn’t have to live without her. We surrounded her with every ounce of energy and love, nothing short of everything she had ever given us. If love could heal, Sharon would outlive us all.


She will be remembered for being outgoing, witty, funny and always up for learning and trying new things. 


She had zest for life. Her happiness was contagious, and she always lit up the room with her laugh. Small but mighty. She may have had small feet, but my goodness are those going to be some big shoes to fill.


It's our hope to help to raise awareness and access to research to help families avoid the heartache we have endured, losing our precious Pakah.

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