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2024 Walk - Guelph, Kitchener & Waterloo, ON

Team Leigh


This is the third year we are participating in the Walk for Ovarian Cancer.

In 2022 we raised over $8000!
In 2023 we raised $9000 and won second prize for our region!
               LETS GO for 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are walking again this year to raise money for awareness and advancements for Ovarian Cancer!!!!

The Ovarian Cancer walk is so important to our whole family. Ovarian cancer, while not always genetic, can be caused by genetic mutations. In Leigh’s case her ovarian cancer is caused by the BRCA2 mutation. This mutation can be passed on to her children and grandchildren. This cause is so important to Leigh and her family and friends due to the impact on family. Due to lack of advancements in screening, Leigh’s daughter has now also been through surgery to have her ovaries and tubes removed due to being high risk for ovarian cancer.
In a lot of cases when women are diagnosed, the cancer is very advanced due to little to no symptoms no screening.            

Leigh is a survivor of this aggressive cancer but not everyone is so lucky. More screening processes are needed to ensure it is caught early enough to be treated. 

We are all so proud of our mum for being a face of bravery during her battle. She has been so positive and inspiring throughout her journey. Despite higher chances of relapse, due to the BRCA2 gene mutation, she remains a true positive light and inspiration for others fighting cancer.

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